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1. Ilahiyat Studies: A Journal on Islamic and Religious Studies

Ilahiyat Studies is an international, peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing scholarly articles on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim peoples and on religious studies. Available in print and online and published twice a year, the journal aims to become one of the leading platforms in the world for new findings and discussions of all fields of Islamic and religious studies.

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2. International Journal of Education and Religion

The International Journal of Education and Religion publishes studies on religiously affiliated schools, colleges and universities. It provides an international forum for scholars across different religions and continents. The journal presents empirical research and theory relevant to religious affiliated educational institutions. Each issue also contains a section of book reviews. The topics of the journal touch all levels of the educational institution: the micro-level (such as religious education, moral education, teacher ethics), the meso-level (such as identity of schools, schoolethos, admission of pupils, normative school leadership, influence of parents in the schoolboard) and the macro-level (such as state politics, law, legitimization of religiously affiliated schools, relation to the churches). Contributions in the journal span a wide range of academic disciplines, including education, pedagogy, philosophy, theology, ethics, law, sociology, and psychology. The journal is published in association with the ecumenical and international Education & Ethos Network, which brings together scholars of different academic disciplines who study religiously affiliated schools, and research-oriented practitioners.

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3. Sunan Kalijaga International Journal on Islamic Educational Research

Sunan Kalijaga International Journal on Islamic Educational Research (SKIJIER), ISSN Print: xxxx-xxxx; online: xxxx-xxxx is periodically scientific journal published by Postgraduate Program of Tarbiyah and Teaching Faculty, State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The journal focuses on research about Islamic education in various perspectives. We invite scholars, researchers as well as profesionals in the field of Islamic education to publish their researchs in our journal. IJIER is published twice a year, in Mey and November.

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The INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC THOUGHT (IJIT) is an internationally refereed online journal (e-ISSN 2289-6023) and printed journal (ISSN 2232-1314) jointly published by the International Society of Muslim Philosophers and Theologians (ISOMPT) and the Department of Theology and Philosophy, National University of Malaysia. The mission of IJIT is to encourage scholarly research in Islamic thought.  The Journal provides a unique peer-reviewed forum to postgraduate students, scholars, professors, and researchers in various topics within Islamic thought. The Journal welcomes research papers as well as review articles and conference reports.  IJIT will be published in June and December annually. IJIT will publish empirical and theoretical papers (e.g. a critical review of research). The Journal has an international advisory board. The international perspective is also reflected by the journal’s trilingual approach: IJIT welcomes papers in English, Arabic and Malay.
IJIT invites articles between 3,000 to 5,000 words in length excluding references, tables and figures. The articles can be from any of the following areas: Muslim Theology and Philosophy, Muslim Ethics and Moral, Islam and Arts, Islam, al-Quran and Hadith, Islam and Identity, Islam and Anthropology, Islam and Cognitive/Natural Science, Islam and Economics, Islam and Political Issues, Islam and Future Generations, Islam and Gender, Islam and Law, Islam and Psychology, Islam and Spirituality Islam and Other Religions, Islam, Language and Civilization, Islam and Sociology, Islam and Environmental Issues, Islam and Culture, Islam and Education, Islam and Human Rights, Islam, Communication and Information Technology, Islam and Middle Eastern studies and Islam and Contemporary Issues.

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5. British Journal of Religious Education
The British Journal of Religious Education (BJRE) is an international peer-reviewed academic journal with roots reaching back to 1934. It is the leading journal in Britain for the dissemination of international research in religion and education, and for the scholarly discussion of issues concerning religion and education internationally.
Its current editor is Professor Vivienne Baumfield of Glasgow University.

As well as an editorial, which itself makes a significant contribution to discussion of topical issues, each edition contains a number of significant articles written by an international range of authors and reviews of recently published books.
At 130 pages in length, BJRE is published three times yearly, thus mirroring the publication dates of REtoday magazine. Together, these two publications provide a wide sweep of material for those interested in RE. BJRE provides highly academic material and comment. REtoday is more classroom focused and newsy, whilst its Professional REflection section (formerly REsource) provides accessible and in-depth analysis and comment for the reflective practitioner.
To get a flavour of the articles published in BJRE see below.
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6. Another Journal

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